[Trip to Kono district, part 4 of 5 - Interviews with Mohamed Jabbie and Prince Kai Sa'Quee]

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Table of contents 

  •  Interview with Mohamed Jabbie from the Movement of Concerned Kono Youth (MOCKY). He explains that the war came to Kono district in 1992. People ran to the bush while the RUF burned down everything in the district. 
  •  Many children were abducted, but they are returning to the community now that the war is over. Jabbie says it is easy for the Kono people to accept the ex-combatants back, but it is often not easy for the ex-combatants to re-adjust. 
  •  Jabbie explains that, before the war, Koidu Town was a beautiful and economically vibrant area. Because the war was about diamonds, he says that its end was only made possible because Kono youth formed civil militias to protect Kono district. 
  •  He talks about how the RUF dealt diamonds with groups like al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. He says that Foday Sankoh is a madman. Jabbie talks about the current situation in Kono. The bulk of the Kono population is in camps in Guinea and Liberia. They are working on repatriating Kono residents. He talks about the need for better housing, roads, utilities, medical facilities. Most of the RUF soldiers that occupied the area have left for the DDR camps. In relation to the national elections, Jabbie says that people need to be repatriated in order to registered to vote. There will not be a good voter turnout if residents are not repatriated first. Jabbie talks about the big changes to the diamond mining process. There is now better control over the mining and the profits. 
  •  He also talks about the cocao and timber trade. 
  •  Interview with Prince Kai Sa'Quee, a chieftain in Kono who represents local people in the diamond trade. He explains that previously, Kono residents did not benefit from the diamonds extracted from their land. Now the Kono people have organized to sell diamonds to the government themselves, and to keep watch over people entering their district illegally to mine diamonds. He says that they would also like to send people abroad to study the gem business. 
  •  The prince says that the people suffered greatly during the war, but now know their rights and the value of their land. He says that the RUF, while claiming to replace a rotten system, only succeeded in destroying things. He is willing to reconcile with the RUF in the interest of peace, but will never forget. He says that, going forward, he is willing to work with anyone who wants to work with them. 
  •  B-roll of RUF and CDF ex-combatants clearing debris from the area that was formerly a market in Koidu. The men are being paid as part of a re-integration program coordinated by DDR and UNAMSIL. Shot of white UN bulldozer. 
  •  A man explains the situation to the camera. 
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Title:[Trip to Kono district, part 4 of 5 - Interviews with Mohamed Jabbie and Prince Kai Sa'Quee]
Abstract:Interviews shot during a trip to Kono district.
Sequence:4 of 5
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