Kauffman, Albert

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Interview with Albert Kauffman

Albert Kauffman is currently a Law professor in Saint Mary’s College. He was the senior litigating attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) in San Antonio. He was the lead attorney for the Voting Rights Act in Texas, 1975. In addition, Kauffman was the lead attorney for plaintiffs in the Texas school finance cases and worked with the Raza Unida Party among other community institutions to fight against educational resource funding inequalities in South Texas. He also has experience litigating affirmative action cases, local and state voting rights, employment discrimination cases, immigration and hospital admission policy cases. This interview focuses on his personal experiences growing up in Galveston Texas and his interest in advocating for African American and Mexican American Civil Rights in South Texas. Most of the interview points out his crucial involvement in the two major cases mentioned above and their impact in South Texas.