Interview with Ruth Marín-Eason

Video 1 of Interview with Ruth Marín-Eason

Video 2 of Interview with Ruth Marín-Eason

Video 3 of Interview with Ruth Marín-Eason

Ruth Marín-Eason is the mother of Raúl Marín, who was murdered on August 5, 1998. In the beginning of Video 1, Marín-Eason briefly relates her family and background and then describes the last time she saw her son before he was murdered. Later in Video 1, Marín-Eason describes how Arnulfo Díaz Anaya, an employee of Raúl Marín and his wife, Dianna Boatman-Marín, was about to go on trial for the murder, when Dianna Boatman-Marín was also arrested for her role in the murder. Towards the end of Video 1 and in the beginning of Video 2, Marín-Eason speaks about her experiences in the court room; her perceptions of the criminal justice system; and the roles she believes Dianna Boatman-Marín and Arnulfo Díaz Anaya played in the murder of her son. They were both convicted, but when Boatman's conviction was later overturned, as Marín-Eason explains, the Bexar County prosecutors did not re-prosecute. In Video 2, Marín-Eason relates the pain of being cut off from her grandchildren due to the hostile relationship between herself and Dianna Boatman and discusses her involvement with the organization Parents of Murdered Children. In Video 3, Marín-Eason describes the emotional turmoil associated with losing a son and ends by sharing her outlook on forgiveness. This interview took place on June 20, 2009 in Spring, Harris County, Texas.

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