[Exhumations in Rabinal, Guatemala part 1]

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Table of contents 
  •  Footage date-stamped 26 March 1998 includes shots of people digging, bones and other remnants being uncovered and removed. 
  •  Interviews with some survivors. 
  •  Various shots of a memorial ceremony. The crowd gathered sings, lights candles, and lays flowers on the ground. 
  •  Footage date-stamped 27 March 1998 includes various shots of exhumation site with skulls and skeletons, and exhumation equipment such as bowls and trowels. Various shots of Maya Achi people gathered at exhumation site. Camera pans back and forth as priest speaks to assembled crowd. ELS crowd gathered around the excavation site covered with a tarp and singing. Zoom into woman crying. High-angle shots of people exhuming bones, a woman lighting candles inside the excavated hole. Interview with crying woman in local language. 
  •  Footage date stamped 28 March 1998 includes various CU shots of exhumation. CU woman cleaning off bone and placing in plastic bag. Zoom into chalkboard signs that denote the exhumation site as Sarachl and the date and time. Various shots of exhumers working. 
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Title:[Exhumations in Rabinal, Guatemala part 1]
Abstract:Footage of an exhumation of the massacre site in Rabinal, Guatemala. Footage includes many CUs of exhumation and memorial ceremonies with Maya Achi people around the exhumation site.
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  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Creator
  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Copyright holder
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  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Videographer
University of Texas Libraries
Date Created:1998/03/26 - 1998/03/28
Topics:armed conflict and persecution--genocide
armed conflict and persecution--mass killings
armed conflict and persecution--mass graves
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--indigenous populations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--memorials and commemoration events
Geographic Focuses:North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Municipio de Rabinal
Central America
Latin America
North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Río Negro
Geographic Base:North America--Guatemala
Type of Resource:Moving image
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