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  •  Footage from a rally in Rabinal. Survivors and relatives of victims killed in the Rio Negro massacres are protesting the amnesty sought by ex-Civil Patrollers (aka PACs or Patrollas de Autodefensa Civil). PACs were civilians recruited as paramilitaries, sometimes forcibly, in the "scorched earth" policy which decimated Mayan communities in the area in the early 1980s. There are shots of the town, where there is a market, and shots of the mountains surrounding the town. Various shots of crowds, banner "Justicia Si, Amnistia, No!" Various shots of people signing a petition. Several speakers talk about the future for the people of the countryside of Guatemala and about seeing that there is justice for those military members who killed the country people during the massacres in the 1980s. 
  •  Footage date-stamped 12 March 1997 shows people mourning at the mass grave site at Cumbre Pacoxom (the hill where Rio Negro massacre took place). High-angle shot of people at grace site kneeling, bowing, and paying respects. CU shots of hand-painted crosses and signs with names of the dead. A violin player and drummer play music. Various shots of graves, signs, crosses, mementos. Zoom in to cross on hill, violin player. Footage cuts to nighttime. Candles burn in the dark near graves. Various shots of musicians, graves, people around fire. 
  •  Footage date-stamped 13 March 1997 includes various shots graves, mourners, musicians in the early morning. ELS of valley below Cumbre Pacoxom shows some men who are actually ex-PACs (former patrollers). Jesus Tecu Osorio speaks to the camera. He describes the massacre of March 13, 1982, and describes how people were tortured, girls raped, children's heads smashed against rocks. ELS of the valley, mountains and Rio Negro River. More shots of people on hill, mourners, graves. 
  •  At the end of the video a priest talks about remembering those who died and how they died so that there may be resurrection and hope for the future.
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Title:[Petition against amnesty / Cumbre Pacoxom memorial ceremony] 1 of 2
Abstract:Footage from a rally in Rabinal and of people mourning at the mass grave site at Cumbre Pacoxom .
Sequence:1 of 2
Alternative Title:[Imagenes: Firmas contra la amnistía]
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Date Created:1997/03/12 - 1998/03/13
Topics:armed conflict and persecution--genocide
armed conflict and persecution--mass killings
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--indigenous populations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--memorials and commemoration events
armed conflict and persecution--paramilitaries
laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--amnesty
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--burial rites
Named Entities:Maya Achi People
Civil Defense Patrols, Guatemala (PACs/Patrullas de Autodefensa Civil)
Jesus Tecú Osorio
Geographic Focuses:North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Municipio de Rabinal
Central America
Latin America
North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Río Negro
Geographic Base:North America--Guatemala
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