[Exhumation at Pichec / Jesus Tecu Osorio speaking / burial ceremony / inspection of clandestine gravesites at Piedra Cal and other locales]

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Table of contents 
  •  Speaking to a crowd assembled at the site, the district attorney of Salama and La Paz describes the investigation of the massacre to a group of people. He explains the rules and process of the exhumation. Shots of indigenous people, including Jesus Tecu Orsorio, and police standing around the exhumation site as archeologists prepare for the dig. Various shots of exhumation in process, including shots looking up from a very deep hole, bones, skulls, exhumed clothes. CU on FAFG cardboard box reads "PRBV-I-4, Inicio: 16-03-2000, FAFG." 
  •  Interview with an archeologist wearing a hard hat at the excavation site. 
  •  Cut to footage date-stamped 3 May 2000 of a speaking event at Centro Internacional de Convenciones Camino Real [International Convention Center at Camino Real, in Guatemala]. An unidentified man speaks at a podium. A woman at the podium introduces Jesus Tecu Osorio. 
  •  At the podium, Jesus Tecu Osorio describes Rio Negro massacre in detail, and how he was enslaved by one of the killers. Others on panel share their experiences of the massacre, including the burning of a chapel filled with observers of Sunday mass. Shot of a poster from the event with photos of three men and text "Se Buscan pro Crimenes Contra la Humanidad y Crimenes de Guerra [Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes]. 
  •  Cut to footage date-stamped 4 May 2000, EXT crowd on street outside Ministerio building. A man is interviewed and photographed by the press [poor audio]. 
  •  Cut to footage date-stamped 17 June 2000 of a re-burial ceremony. Includes INT shots of church, very dark. Shots of memorial service with priest, tiny coffins surrounded by candles. People carry small coffins outside in a procession led by musicians. A banner reads "La paz no se construye sobre los cementerios clandestinos violaciones torturas ni intimidaciones" [Peace is not built on mass graves, violations, torture, or intimidation]. People gathered around burial site. 
  •  Burial of coffins in one mass grave. Interview with woman at the site who begins to cry. 
  •  Footage from various exhumation sites in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz. EXT small chalkboard in the grass that reads "CRBV / Chuacoy Rabinal B.V. T1 FAFG 26.06.2000." People standing around. Audio of shovels hitting ground. Another chalkboard in a pile of leaves that reads "El Sauce, Rabinal, Baja Verapaz Sitio I FAFG 07/07/00." People standing around forested area talking. Another group of people in forested area, man writing on chalkboard. Small chalkboard propped up on plants reads "Limite Entre Chuategua y El Sauce Sitio II Visita Previa FAFG 07/07/00." People inspecting area by creek. Chalkboard sign "Coyoja, Rabinal, Baja Verapaz Sitio III Visita Previa FAFG 07/07/00." CU wood or bones, rope, clothes, partially buried in the wet ground near creek. People discussing, taking notes, taking photos. Chalkboard "Piedra Cal, Rabinal, Baja V. Sitio IV Visita Previa FAFG 07/07/00" at another site surrounded by hills. 
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Title:[Exhumation at Pichec / Jesus Tecu Osorio speaking / burial ceremony / inspection of clandestine gravesites at Piedra Cal and other locales]
Abstract:Footage from exhumation conducted by the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG), possibly in Pichec, Rabinal, Baja Verapaz.
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Alternative Title:[Exhumacion, Pichee, Entierra, Inspecion de 7 cementerio clandestino Piedra Cal]
  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Creator
  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Copyright holder
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  • Jésus Tecú OsorioRole: Videographer
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Date Created:2000/05/03 - 2000/07/07
Topics:armed conflict and persecution--genocide
armed conflict and persecution--mass killings
armed conflict and persecution--mass graves
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--indigenous populations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--memorials and commemoration events
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--ceremonies
Named Entities:Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG)
Maya Achi People
Civil Defense Patrols, Guatemala (PACs/Patrullas de Autodefensa Civil)
Jesus Tecú Osorio
Geographic Focuses:North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Municipio de Rabinal
Central America
Latin America
North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Río Negro
North America--Guatemala--Departamento de Baja Verapaz--Pichec
Geographic Base:North America--Guatemala
Type of Resource:Moving image
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