[Soccer game part 2 of 2 / Squatters at home, part 1 of 2]

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  •  VS audience at soccer game / players with riot police in foreground / VS audience, including crowds on tall light tower / medics with player on stretcher 
  •  Riot police escorting referees off the field / VS audience WS and CUs, including cheering, groaning, rapt attention on game / riot police sitting on ground watching game 
  •  VS of squatters' ruin ruin (structure with 'HIV-AIDS is AMOCED's struggle' other slogans painted on it) / VS women inside structure / group of people entering / woman washing shoe / different characters / women standing about and sitting around.

Mark Video Segment:
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Title:[Soccer game part 2 of 2 / Squatters at home, part 1 of 2]
Abstract:[5/5/2001] Most of this tape contains the soccer match between Sierra Leone and Ghana (continued). [5/6/2001] Towards the end of the tape, footage of squatters in their homes. B-roll shots include: VS of sqatters in their homes.
Sequence:2 of 2
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University of Texas Libraries
Date Created:2001/05/05 - 2001/05/06
Topics:armed conflict and persecution--sexual violence
civil and political rights--women's rights
economic and labor rights--adequate housing
laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--police
economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare--AIDS/HIV
Geographic Focuses:Africa--Sierra Leone--Freetown
Geographic Base:Africa--Sierra Leone
Type of Resource:Moving image
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Continues from [End of interview with Corinne Dufka, part 2 of 2 / Soccer game - Sierra Leone vs. Ghana, part 1 of 2] .

Continues with [Squatters at home, part 2 of 2 / Squatters at church, part 1 of 3].