[Sierra Leone newspaper headlines]

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  •  1. "RUF Frees Guinean Prisoner" 
  •  2. "Backed by Taylor's Rebels. Maskita captures Normo Faama. Disarmed Kamajors. Hundreds Displaced. SLA Counter Attacked" 
  •  3. "Freetown talks. RUF, CDF agree!" 
  •  4. "Release of rebels no precondition - RUF chief of admin. says" 
  •  5. "RUF releases 116 children" 
  •  6. "Kabbah's oil syndicate exposed" 
  •  7. "1 Country, 2 Governments" 
  •  8. "Govt, RUF to meet in Freetown" 
  •  9. "Abuja Meeting. Govt to help RUF change to political party" 
  •  10. "Hopeless Government... But PEOPLE'S POWER saved the day!" 
  •  11. "Ungratefulness! May 8 victims forgotten" 
  •  12. "RUF attack Kamajors" 
  •  13. "Kono War. We're not involved... Tom Carew" 
  •  14. "Taylor threatens diplomats" 
  •  15. "Human Rights Declaration" 
  •  16. "Press Freedom Day. No Retreat, No Surrender!" 
  •  17. "45 Students on Trial, 3 Languish in Jail" 
  •  18. "The War is Over As... RUF, CDF Disarm En Masse. Kemokai Rapes Ports Authority." 
  •  19. "RUF Rebels Afraid To Go Home" 
  •  20. "For Human Rights Violation. Kabba, Berewa May Face International Court" 
  •  21. "UNAMSIL assures... RUF gives up Kono today" 
  •  22. "More combatants disarm in Lunsar - NCDDR says" 
  •  23. "Elections: Johnny Paul to Join PDA" 
  •  24. "Makeni/Kabala highway reopens" 
  •  25. "Liars and Thieves" 
  •  26. "Col Mani, 38 others arrested" 
  •  27. "RUF Maintains H/quarters in Kambia" 
  •  28. "Pakistani Troops Arrive" 
  •  29. "Guinea Lifts Ban on Sierra Leoneans" 
  •  30. "Opande visits CDF, RUF Battlefields" 
  •  31. "9 Rebel Commandoes Captured in Kambia" 
  •  32. "Surgeons fly in to save former child combatants" / "Kamajors must Quit! Says Opposition Member" 
  •  33. "Impact of mining on rural communities" 
  •  34. "Tomorrow D-day, CDF, RUF resume disarmament" / "24 Escape From Jail" 
  •  35. "Peace on the Way for Sierra Leone - Says Sam Hinga-Norman" 
  •  36. "Freetown Talks: RUF, CDF agree!" 
  •  37. "Release of rebels no precondition - RUF chief of admin. says" 
  •  38. "Backed by Taylor's Rebels. Maskita captures Normo Faama. Disarmed Kamajors. Hundreds Displaced. SLA Counter Attacked"
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Title:[Sierra Leone newspaper headlines]
Abstract:CU shots of various Sierra Leone newspaper headlines.
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armed conflict and persecution--child soldiers
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Civil Defence Forces (CDF) [Sierra Leone]
Johnny Paul Koroma
Ahmad Tejan Kabbah
Solomon Ekuma Dominic Berewa
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