[UNAMSIL Chamber of Commerce luncheon with Oluyemi Adeniji, part 2 of 2 / RUF press conference with Foday Sankoh, part 1 of 3]

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Table of contents 

  •  Adeniji concludes his speech. 
  •  The host from the Chamber of Commerce opens the floor to questions. Adeniji answers questions about the UNAMSIL peace-keeping mandate, how UNAMSIL will address the root causes of the war, when people can return home and rebuild their towns. Another representative from the Chamber of Commerce thanks Adeniji for speaking at their event. 
  •  Various shots of guests leaving. 
  •  Press conference with Foday Sankoh [audio levels begin very low]. Host welcomes members of the press on behalf of RUF and introduces Foday Sankoh. 
  •  Sankoh talks about the RUF party's commitment to security and peace. He says that areas of RUF concentration are accessible to all Sierra Leoneans and that allegations asserting otherwise are not true. He says that they have made great effort to disarm combatants, but that the incentives to disarm have not been delivered. He says that ex-combatants have been shot by UN peacekeepers. He advises ex-combatants to avoid the UN peacekeepers. Sankoh asserts that the commission created in the Lomé Peace Agreement is not functional, and that he has not received cooperation from the commission. Sankoh says the RUF party is committed to the peace process and democracy in Sierra Leone.
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Title:[UNAMSIL Chamber of Commerce luncheon with Oluyemi Adeniji, part 2 of 2 / RUF press conference with Foday Sankoh, part 1 of 3]
Abstract:Continuation of a luncheon at Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture with Head of UNAMSIL Oluyemi Adeniji. Press conference with Foday Sankoh.
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Named Entities:Revolutionary United Front (RUF)
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Continues from[UNAMSIL Chamber of Commerce luncheon with Oluyemi Adeniji, part 1 of 2].

Continues with [RUF press conference with Foday Sankoh, part 2 of 3].