Interview with Arthur "Cappy" Eads

Video 1 of Interview with Arthur “Cappy” Eads

Video 2 of Interview with Arthur “Cappy” Eads

Video 3 of Interview with Arthur “Cappy” Eads

Arthur "Cappy" Eads served as the District Attorney in Bell County, Texas from 1976 - 2000. In Video 1, Eads describes the changes to the criminal justice system over the years and factors which influenced his professional career as a DA. He discusses his involvement in the establishment of the 'victim's rights movement', and the personal emotional toll death penalty cases had on him throughout his career. At the end of Video 1, Eads explains his involvement in introducing hypothetical questioning into criminal cases when working on the Barefoot trail. In Video 2, Eads reflects on his time as the President of the National District Attorneys Association and how the experience of such a high profile position changed his life and the rest of his career.  Eads also discusses the differences between the experience of rural and metropolitan DAs; the process involved in jury selection; and the factors that lead him to retire. In Video 3, Eads shares some thoughts about his relationship with local law enforcement while being DA, and why conflict would sometimes occur professionally. This interview took place on May 17, 2011 in a courtroom in Salado, Bell County, Texas.

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