Melville Archive

Film footage is part of the Thomas and Margarita Melville Archive. Digitization of the film collection is yet complete.

These Super 8 films were shot in Chile between September 1973 and July 1975, on the island of Huapi, Provincia de Cautin, others in Santiago. Some depict the initiation of a 16-year-old "Machi" (Medicine Woman); others are of ceremonies performed by a male Machi, Gerardo. Some films are of Nillatún, the harvest festivals. Most are of farm life in a Mapuche "Reducción."

The films were donated to the Benson Latin American Collection by Thomas and Margarita Melville.

Digitization by Jessica Higgins, Sarah Papania, and Rebecca Rosenberg as part of Quinn Stewart's Survey of Digitization class at the iSchool at the University of Texas at Austin (Fall 2011).

Revolution, and Off to the Country

Demonstration on Alameda, Aug. 1973; Road to Huapi

Santiago, Chile

Government buildings, demonstrations, rallies, marches, etc.