Interview with Mark Pryor

Video 1 of Interview with Mark Pryor

Video 2 of Interview with Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor has worked for the D.A.’s office as a prosecutor in Travis County since 2005 and he has a special interest in capital punishment. In Video 1 Pryor discusses his background and how he became interested in death penalty cases as well as the professional relationship and mutual sharing of information between prosecutors and defense lawyers. Pryor also detailed the importance of a lawyer’s discretion in going forward with capital cases in addition to his specific style of trial lawyering including how he picks jurors and how he carries out cross-examination. He described what he has learned on the job and how he plans to use that in his future cases, as well as his blog where he writes about news that take place both inside and outside the courtroom. In Video 2 Pryor discussed how Travis County’s criminal justice system differed from the rest of Texas and other states, and lawyer’s strategy of playing to their strengths in the courtroom. This interview took place on May 3, 2011 at the Texas After Violence Project office in Austin, Texas.

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