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Video 2 of Interview with Calvin Wilhelm

Calvin Wilhelm, an engineering consultant who has worked on projects around the world, served as the jury foreman in Eric Nenno’s capital murder trial in Houston, Harris County, Texas in 1996. The jury sentenced Eric Nenno to the death penalty and he was executed in Huntsville on October 28, 2008. In Video 1, after offering a brief overview of his educational background, work history, and eventual residence in Houston, in 1992, Mr. Wilhelm describes his experience as the jury foreman for Mr. Nenno’s trial, including the jury selection process, the guilt/innocence phase of the trial, the penalty phase of the trial, and the announcement of the sentence in court. In Video 2, Mr. Wilhelm discusses his thoughts on the purpose and value of the death penalty; his reactions to a commentary raising questions about the jury’s vote on Nenno’s “continuing threat to society” posted at the The StandDown Texas Project blog on the day of Nenno’s execution; his perceptions of growing crime and insecurity in the United States since the 1960s and in comparison to other places he’s lived; and further thoughts on jury selection, trial testimony, procedures and discussions within the jury room, and the aftermath of the trial. This interview took place on August 17, 2011 in Overland Park, Kansas, where Mr. Wilhelm now lives.

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