The Enemy Came

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Table of contents 
  •  TEXT: The military dictatorship of Burma attacks its own people. 
  •  TEXT: This woman's husband and mother in-law were killed by the Burma Army. 
  •  TEXT: Their bodies were found and given a funeral. 
  •  TEXT: Her nine year old daughter was also shot. 
  •  TEXT: The Enemy Came 
  •  TEXT: Imagine if you had to run for your life. 
  •  MAN, SUBTITLES: I had to leave my child. Why did I have to leave him? Because I couldn't find him. I had to run without my son. He... He's stuck behind. If he is dead, alive or starving, I don't know. Those who ran... my son... whether... So, if I see... we need hope. 
  •  TEXT: Relief teams on a mission to provide medical treatment in a hiding place. 
  •  NARRATION: Okay, it's 3:53, on 27 April 2006. These are all people fleeing an ongoing attack of the Burma Army. And it shouldn't be raining this much in April but this has been a very rainy month, and so it's a pretty miserable situation for these people, not only have they lost their homes and they're in danger of losing their lives, now they're out here in the rain. And just watching the children underneath the plastics and the mothers trying to protect them... Not very nice. Anyways, and I want to say thank you to Partners, especially, as well as everybody else who's helping to send in plastic and other needed materials for shelter in this emergency situation. God bless you. 
  •  TEXT: "For I was hungry and you have me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in..." - Matthew 25:35 
  •  TEXT: To help please contact: Free Burma Rangers 
  •  TEXT: All images by: Free Burma Rangers & Partners Relief and Development. Produced by Front Films. 
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Title:The Enemy Came
Abstract:[Contains Graphic Content] Depicts internally displaced people in hiding, with excerpts from IDP testimonies. The video details the conditions of a group of IDPs surviving in the jungle during the rainy season, and the help which FBR and its partners give them.
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  • Free Burma RangersRole: Creator
  • Front FilmsRole: Producer
Publishers:Free Burma Rangers
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Topics:advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--aid and relief organizations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--eyewitness documentation
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--non-governmental organizations
armed conflict and persecution--internally displaced persons
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--ethnic identity
Geographic Focuses:Asia--Burma
Southeast Asia
Geographic Base:Asia--Burma
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