Love In Action

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Table of contents 
  •  TEXT: FREE BURMA RANGERS Love in Action 
  •  NARRATOR: The military dictatorship of Burma attacks its own people, resulting in over 52 years of war, thousands dead, and millions displaced. These are scenes of combat between the dictators' army and the resistance. The Burma Army attacks, burns, kills, tortures, rapes and enslaves its own people in its attempt to crush all opposition. Pro-democracy Burman and ethnic groups try to protect their people and resist the attacks of the Burma Army. The are greatly outnumbered. The situation seems hopeless.  
  •  TEXT: The leader of the democracy movement, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been released from house arrest, but thousands are still in prison and there has been no meaningful change. 
  •  NARRATOR: These are flames ignited by the Burma military in their campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide. 
  •  TEXT: Villager being treated after stepping on a mine laid by the Burma Army after they burned his village. 
  •  TEXT: Massacre of 12 Karen displaced people who were found in their hiding place by the Burma Army. 
  •  TEXT: Villagers fleeing 
  •  TEXT: People hiding in the jungle after attacks by the Burma Army 
  •  NARRATOR: What is being done in the face of this evil? 
  •  TEXT: Free Burma Ranger pastor and medic trainee on relief mission inside Burma. 
  •  SINGING, SUBTITLES: "Let us try to find the miracles that the Lord showed us in the past. There are many fields of life laid before you." 
  •  NARRATOR: Relief teams of medics, pastors, and teachers go into the fighting areas to give spiritual and material help, hope, and love. The Free Burma Rangers are an organization dedicated to spiritual and physical freedom for the people of Burma. They have conducted over 40 relief missions to the internally displaced people of Burma. They also have trained other teams to do similar missions. The teams believe that the dictators of Burma can not stop people from loving and serving each other. They shine a light where there is darkness. 
  •  TEXT: Relief teams go on missions to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) of Burma 
  •  TEXT: Team brings supplies into an Internally Displaced People (IDP) hiding place 
  •  TEXT: Medical Care 
  •  TEXT: Sharing God's love 
  •  TEXT: Distributing educational supplies, Bibles, hymnals, tapes, tape players, solar panels, clothes and toys. 
  •  TEXT: FREE BURMA RANGERS Leadership and Relief Training 
  •  TEXT: Training Relief Teams 
  •  NARRATOR: Leadership and relief training is conducted by the Free Burma Rangers for other teams who desire to help their people.  The teams are given medical training, including surgery and delivery. 
  •  TEXT: Surgery 
  •  TEXT: Delivery 
  •  TEXT: Rappelling 
  •  NARRATOR: They are trained in other needed skills such as mountaineering and river crossing, caring for their people, reporting, and more. 
  •  TEXT: Practicing medical skills  
  •  TEXT: Praying for the patient 
  •  TEXT: RELIEF MISSIONS Free Burma Rangers and other relief teams go to areas like Karen, Karenni, Shan, and Arakan States inside Burma 
  •  TEXT: Trained teams going in 
  •  TEXT: Passing through a burned village 
  •  TEXT: Children sifting through the ashes of their burned homes 
  •  TEXT: Burma Army mortar 
  •  MAN, SUBTITLES: "Three months ago I came here with the Free Burma Ranger team. We brought presents for the children donated by American children, England children, and Canadian children. But this time all the children are gone." 
  •  TEXT: Relief team in Karen State 
  •  TEXT: Shan relief team in Shan State 
  •  TEXT: Moving to another Internally Displaced People (IDP) hiding place 
  •  TEXT: Team breakfast 
  •  TEXT: Clearing Burma Army land mines in Karenni State 
  •  TEXT: Porters tortured by the Burma Army 
  •  MAN: ... to sick to go on, and died here. This one had, looks like part of his face bashed in with a rifle. Also on their shins there were marks of torture, up and down the shin. 
  •  TEXT: Burial service for the dead porters 
  •  TEXT: A church burned by the Burma Army 
  •  MAN, SUBTITLES: "We worry they will put the land mine. And maybe they will leave something that will hurt us. So we dare not to come back." 
  •  TEXT: This Karen manned describes how he lost his two children. They were burned alive by the Burma Army. 
  •  MAN, SUBTITLES: "I don't understand why they killed my children." 
  •  TEXT: Team reaches an IDP site. 
  •  TEXT: Karenni medic provides care 
  •  TEXT: This boy was shot and his grandmother killed during a recent massacre.  He played dead and escaped when the Burma Army left the area. 
  •  TEXT: Sharing God's love 
  •  MAN: ... a new brother. So we'll pray for him, and we'll ask him to pray for us. 
  •  TEXT: Teams provide Bibles, education supplies, medicine, and other necessities for the internally displaced people of Burma 
  •  TEXT: Distributing medicine 
  •  TEXT: Human Rights interview 
  •  TEXT: The Good Life Club 
  •  TEXT: The Global Day of Prayer for Burma inside Burma 
  •  TEXT: IDP school children 
  •  TEXT: A church service in Karen State, Burma 
  •  TEXT: Burned rice barn 
  •  TEXT: Hiding from the Burma Army 
  •  TEXT: This lady was shot in the head by the Burma Army 
  •  MAN: And the bullet here, hit here, and it come out from here. And now she stays suffering from this gunshot. 
  •  TEXT: Fleeing home 
  •  TEXT: Team helping IDPs fleeing a forced relocation site 
  •  TEXT: Night medical clinic given by relief teams 
  •  TEXT: Worship services 
  •  TEXT: People stay as long as they can in the war zones, but sometimes it is impossible to stay... 
  •  TEXT: Team and IDPs try to find a away through Burma Army positions 
  •  TEXT: Trying to find a way to safety 
  •  TEXT: Praying for guidance to move past the Burma Army safely 
  •  TEXT: Waiting to pass by Burma Army positions 
  •  TEXT: Moving past Burma Army positions 
  •  TEXT: The team and IDPs make it to the border. 
  •  TEXT: Although they do not want to leave their homes, they have no choice. 
  •  TEXT: But for now these children are safe. 
  •  SINGING, SUBTITLES: "They need you and me... Show the world that the Lord is alive as He has ever been." 
  •  TEXT: Relief teams continue to bring help, hope and love in the war zones of Burma 
  •  TEXT: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord" Zech. 4:6 
  •  TEXT: Thank you for your prayers and support 
  •  TEXT: If you would like to do more, please contact us at: or 
  •  TEXT: Donations can be sent to: Thai/Burma Mission c/o World-Aid 2442 N.W. Market St #434 Seattle, WA 98107 USA (206)784-7248 (fax: 206-784-1120) IRS Tax Exempt Non-Profit Corporation EIN #94-3116991 (Make checks payable to World Aid and designate checks for Thai-Burma Mission) 
  •  TEXT: "Come Heal This Land" by Robin Mark 2001 Integrity Hosanna Music 
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Title:Love In Action
Abstract:[Contains Graphic Content] A ten-minute documentary introducing the conflict in Burma and outlining the training and operations of FBR relief teams, including testimonies from survivors of Burma Army attacks.
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Topics:advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--aid and relief organizations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--eyewitness documentation
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--non-governmental organizations
armed conflict and persecution--internally displaced persons
armed conflict and persecution--weapons--landmines
economic, social, and cultural rights--economic and labor rights--forced labor
economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare
economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights--ethnic identity
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Southeast Asia
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