White Monkey

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Table of contents 
  •  NARRATOR: This is our home in Karen State, Burma. 
  •  NARRATOR: My name is Sahalie and I'm seven years old, and this is the Free Burma Ranger training camp. My name in the Karen language is White Monkey Ta.U.Wah. 
  •  NARRATOR: And this is Ta.U.Wah camp. My sister Susanne is five and my brother Peter is two years old. 
  •  NARRATOR: These are some of our Karen friends. We have school with my mom. Uncle Doug taught us music. 
  •  NARRATOR: My daddy helped start the Free Burma Rangers ten years ago. These are the new Free Burma Rangers training here. They bring help, hope, and love to people under attack.  
  •  NARRATOR: Villagers in Burma have a lot of problems, because the Burma army attacks them. We want to help the people who have lost their homes and family. We are also getting ready for our own relief mission to children.  
  •  NARRATOR: This is a picture of the Good Life Club at a Burma village last year. After school we like to ride our horses. The horses lead mule teams that carry supplies.  
  •  NARRATOR: We also had a baby pangolin that a villager gave us. There are some dangerous animals here too. This is the stinging caterpillar. This is the skin of a python that we ate!  
  •  NARRATOR: We all practice our swimming in the big river. There goes Susanne! 
  •  NARRATOR: Now it's my turn. My dad taught me not to be afraid and never give up. God will always help us do the right thing, even when it's hard.  
  •  NARRATOR: I thank God that I have such a big family in Burma. 
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Title:White Monkey
Abstract:The first of two short films about the life of White Monkey in Burma, following her as she takes part in a Good Life Club mission in Karen State.
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Publishers:Free Burma Rangers
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Topics:advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--aid and relief organizations
advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--non-governmental organizations
armed conflict and persecution--internally displaced persons
Geographic Focuses:Asia--Burma
Southeast Asia
Asia--Burma--Karen State
Asia--Myanmar--Kayin State
Geographic Base:Asia--Burma
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