Good Life Club

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Table of contents 
  •  TEXT: The Good Life Club: helping our friends in Burma 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: Imagine this. What if an army of soldiers came to your door one night and told you that you had to leave your home and go far, far away? What if they burned down your house so you could not go back home? We live in a country where we cannot imagine this happening. But did you know that in a country called Burma, in South-East Asia, kids just like us are chased from their homes by soldiers all the time? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: The soldiers come to the villages, they force the people to run, they burn houses and churches to the ground, even entire villages. The people are forced to flee into the jungle. In the jungle they live in hiding, afraid that the army will come and find them and hurt or kill them. The children of Burma pray to God for help. 
  •  GIRL: Is there some way that we can help them? GIRL: Yes! There is a fun and easy way we can help them. It's called the Good Life Club. 
  •  GIRL: What is the Good Life Club?  
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: The Good Life Club is based on John 10:10, where Jesus says, "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: We want to show the kids in Burma the love of god extends all the way around the world, from us to them. 
  •  GIRL: How do we do that? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: We can be part of the Good Life Club by making kid packs and mom & baby packs that relief workers can take into the jungles of Burma and give to the children there. 
  •  GIRL: Here are the things that go into a kid pack. 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: A small comb & mirror. One box of children's chewable vitamins. Two toothbrushes, with a cap if possible. Fingernail clippers. A small toy. And a drawing or a photo of you or your group. 
  •  GIRL: What about the mom & baby packs? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: Here are the things that go into a mom & baby pack. Multivitamins for mom. Vitamin drops for the baby. A cap. Hand mitts. And a shirt, but not a onesie. A drawing or photo of you or your group. A postcard from your town or state. A teether. And small fingernail clippers. 
  •  GIRL: It sounds great. I think all the kids in our Sunday School classes would want to do this too. 
  •  BOY: How do we get started? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: First we go to the store and get the stuff on the list. 
  •  GIRL: I think this toy is just right. GIRL: Yeah its so cute! Let's get it! 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: Next we put everything into a sturdy zip-lock bag. 
  •  BOY: What happens to the bags now? 
  •  GIRL: Next we mail them to Thailand, a country that is right next to Burma. 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: In Thailand, relief workers will carry the packs deep into the jungles of Burma. They will also carry Bibles, hymnals, medicine, food and clothing. Here they are giving out Good Life Club packs. 
  •  GIRL: Our church put together 100 bags for the kids, moms and babies in Burma. 
  •  GIRL: My whole brownie troop made bags for the kids in Burma. 
  •  GIRL: Are there any other Good Life Club projects? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: Yes. You can also make hats with smiley faces for the kids in Burma. It's easy, just take a tan hat and draw, sew or paint a smiley face on the hat. We hope that when the children in Burma see another kid with a smiley face hat, they will remember that they are part of the family of God. You can also make smiley face t-shirts for the kids in Burma. We made them as a class project. It was lots of fun! 
  •  GIRL: I'm glad that we can do something to help our friends in Burma. Is there anything else we can do? 
  •  GIRL: There sure is. We can pray for the people of Burma. 
  •  GIRL: What should we pray for? 
  •  GIRL, NARRATION: We can pray for God's protection for the children. We can pray for peace and for changes that will allow the people of Burma to be free. 
  •  GIRL: And remember that the second Sunday of March is global day of prayer for Burma. 
  •  BOY: Let's remember to pray for them, all the time.  
  •  GIRL: So will you join the Good Life Club too? 
  •  GROUP: Yes! 
  •  TEXT: Send packs, hats and t-shirts to: Good Life Club, PO Box 14, Mae Jo, Chiang Mai 50290, Thailand 
  •  TEXT: To contact the Good Life Club: 
  •  TEXT: "Good Life" Audio Adrenaline. Words and Music by Mark Stuart, Will McGinnis, Bob Herdman and Charlie Peacock. (c) 1999 Up In The Mix Music (BMI) / Sparrow Song / Andi Beat Goes On Music (BMI). Administered by EMI Christian Music Publishing. Used by permission.  
  •  TEXT: Original material, Christians Concerned for Burma (c) 2003 All rights reserved 
  •  TEXT: Produced by Acacia Multimedia 
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Title:Good Life Club
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