Arts as Advocacy Panel

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Table of Contents 
  •  Jessica Ordaz "Disrupting the Silence of Feminicide in Ciudad Juárez" 
  •  Joseph M. Pierce "Borderland Bitches: Queer Latinidad in Contemporary Poetry and Performance" 
  •  Question and answer session 
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Title:Arts as Advocacy Panel
Abstract:Session is conducted in English. Panel consists of two research presentations surrounding femicide, queer latinidad and the female body. The first panelist, Jessica Ordaz, presents her research titled “Disrupting the Silence of Feminicide in Ciudad Juárez,” on the systemic targeting and killing of women within Ciudad Juárez and the discourse surrounding these murders acting as implicit support of the systemic devaluation of women. The second panelist, Joseph M. Pierce, presents his research “Borderland Bitches: Queer Latinidad in Contemporary Poetry and Performance,” which analyzes the shared marginalization of gay and lesbian identities and explores the poetry anthology Tragic Bitches: An Experiment in Queer Xicana and Xicano Performance Poetry as an example of solidarity generated from this shared marginalization. After the presentations, the panel open up to comments and questions from the audience, which includes a discussion about appreciation of difference as a form of solidarity and art as a facilitation of public memory.
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  • Center for Women's and Gender Studies, University of Texas at AustinRole: Creator
  • Jessica OrdazRole: Speaker
  • Joseph M. PierceRole: Speaker
  • Andrea ZarateRole: Videographer
  • Deborah ParedezRole: Moderator
  • T-Kay SangwandRole: Writer of accompanying material
  • Kathryn DarnallRole: Writer of accompanying material
Publisher:Center for Women's and Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin; University of Texas Libraries
Date Created:2012/10/06
Type of Resource:Moving image
women's rights
xicano/xicana identities
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