Interview with Carolyn Mosley Samuel

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      Topics (HRDI Thesaurus) 
      Table of Contents 
      •  Mosley's relationship with her mother 
      •  Ortralla Foundation website 
      •  Watch Video 1 and Video 2 of "Interview with Ms. Carolyn Mosley Samuel." 
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      •  MOSLEY: But my support system was my mother. The relationship that she and I got before she died was a gift from heaven. Because that was one of my prayers that she and I got to know each other before either one of us died. Now because of the treatment and the things that went on in my family, my oldest daughter, she didn't go to her services, because of the hurt that I went through with them, my mom, my family. 
      •  MOSLEY: But me and my mother is what matters. We got a relation—my mother would go to the courts with me, hold my hand, pat me on the back, rub me, love me, things that I didn't get when I was young. That's why I tell people value your mothers. I value my dad, but my mother's the one I had problems with. And I didn't know the value of a mother. I just knew that I was a lesson that I was trying to get to my children. I'm here for you. I'm not going to hurt you. 
      •  MOSLEY: I'm just going to love you. I didn't get that from my mother until the end because my mother would reach out to touch me when I was younger and I would flinch because I'd think, I'm going to get slapped. But before she died, if ever she reached out to me, I was reaching back out to her. So in the end, my mother was my support. After she died, I've been by myself. I don't have anybody else. All I have is my foundation and I pray that Tralla's House come. 
      •  MOSLEY: That way I can love [inaudible] children. And I can give out what I'm missing. That's what I want to do. 
      •  BACON: Is there anything that you want to ask? 
      •  JEFFERSON: No. 
      •  BACON: Is there anything that we haven't talked about that you want to say, or that we haven't already said? Anything for the public historical record, and the tapes so when they're made available to the public—anything that you want to get across to people who might see this interview in the future? 
      •  MOSLEY: I would just ask them to go to the website. We have all that information on there. The website is www-dot-ortralla, o-r-t-r-a-l-l-a, And any updates in regards to the archives, any updates in regards to tapings, any updates in regards to news and articles, and any updates to do with Ortralla's House will definitely be on there. 
      •  BACON: Well thank you so much. 
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      Title:Interview with Carolyn Mosley Samuel
      Abstract:Carolyn Mosley Samuel is the mother of Ortralla LuWone Mosley, who was fifteen years old on March 28, 2003 when she was stabbed to death at Reagan High School by her sixteen-year-old ex-boyfriend. In Video 1, Mosley describes the history of abuse in her family; her struggle to interrupt those patterns as a parent; and the circumstances leading up to the death of her daughter. In Video 2, Mosley discusses the aftermath of the murder in the high school, in the courts, and in her decision to start a foundation to prevent teen dating violence and to become a correctional officer. In Video 3, Mosley describes reconciling with her mother before her mother's death. The interview took place on October 1, 2009 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.
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      • Carolyn Mosley SamuelRole: Interviewee
      • Texas After Violence ProjectRole: Collaborator
      • Kimberly Ambrosini-BaconRole: Interviewer
      • Parrish JeffersonRole: Videographer
      • Lydia CraftsRole: Transcriber
      • Lydia CraftsRole: Proofreader
      Publishers:Texas After Violence Project
      University of Texas Libraries
      Date Created:2009/10/01
      Geographic Focus:North America--United States--Texas
      Geographic Base:North America--United States--Texas--Austin
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