Cabildos Constitucionales: Cabildo de Mujeres

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Spanish transcript 
  •  Títulos: El Sistema Sandinista de Televisión presenta: Cabildos Constitucionales 
  •  La constitución de la familia atravez del matrimonio o la unión de hecho, el respaldo estatal a la participación de la mujer en la sociedad y sobre el aborto. Estos temas fueron discutidos durante el cabildo abierto con las mujeres capitalinas realizado en el Instituto Nacional Maestro Gabriel. Las mujeres llamaron la atención que el proyecto de constitución politica de Nicaragua no establece la responsibilidad paterna. 
  •  La responsibilidad paterna no está claramente establecida en el Artículo 106 y resulta humillante para la mujer y un en que se establece el derecho de investigar la paternidad de acuerdo con la ley. Se hablamos de los mismos derechos no se puede investigar la paternidad mientras se niega a las mujeres derecho a elegir la maternidad al negarse la posibilidad del aborto legalmente establecido. La paternidad debe incluir los mismos deberes que la maternidad, a excepción de aquellos que [?] a su condición fisiológica la madre prodiga recien nacido. Debe establecerse con mas precisión las responsibilidades paternas, sobre todo las que atañen a la manutención de los hijos y la formación de estos como seres humanos integrales. 
English transcript 
  •  Sign: ¡¡Constitución: Derecho del Pueblo, Reinvindicación de la Mujer!! 
  •  Titles: El Sistema Sandinista de Television presenta: Cabildos Constitucionales 
  •  Narrator: The creation of the family by legal marriage or by common law, state support of women's participation in society and the right to abortion, were discussed at a townhall meeting held in Managua. Women pointed out that the constitution doesn't establish guidelines for paternal responsibility. 
  •  Speaker: Article 106 deesn't clearly establish paternal responsibility and the part for calls for an investigation of paternity is humiliating for women. We can't speak of equal rights as long as women are denied the right to freely choose between maternity or a legal abortion. Paternity should entail the same responsibilities as maternity, except of course for the biological functions that only a mother can perform. The constitution mus stipulate paternal responsibility with more precision because it affects a child's ability to become a whole, healthy human being. 
  •  Speaker: I would like to comment on article 102 which refers to "Patria Postestad." We should eliminate this term from our constitution. It recalls one of the most shameful institutions in the history of humanity. During the Roman Empire the law gave the father absolute authority over everyone in the family including the right of life or death. A father had the right to abandon his child in the street particularly if it was a daughter since girls had no sale value. It would be dishonorable for our revolution to renew this shameful institution. 
  •  Speaker: "Article 106 will insure paternal responsibility and a woman's right to an investigation to determine the father's legal responsibilities." Here's something that I don't like and that is "insure." The state "promotes" not just "insures." When an unwed woman has a child she has to accept all the responsibility. When she registers the child it only gets her surname. We don't agree with this because since our revolution we have a saying and that is "Children are born to be happy." The father should be there when the child is registered. the child has to have a father because someday the child with ask where s/he came from. The child should have the father's surname. Another point, since the revolution we have a lot of foreigners here. These laws should apply to them too. Our dear comrades must take responsibility for the children they're having here on a daily basis. 
  •  Narrator: Many women expressed support for including the legalization of abortion in the constitution. 
  •  Speaker: Article 103 should read, "the right to a maternity freely chosen or freely planned. The state... the state will guarantee information and access to the resources needed to enable a couple to reproduce freely and will uphold the woman's right to a freely chosen maternity and to control her own fertility." Women ought to have three options: 1: sex education, 2) family planning, and 3) decriminalized abortion. 
  •  Speaker: Many of us have unwanted children because nobody showed us how to avoid them. Men don't understand the situation we're in and they want us to have kids even though they won't help us raise them. Fear of pregnancy prevents us from enjoying our sexual relationships. If we don't have children we're labelled "bad women." As a result, we tend to postpone using methods to avoid having children. To please men, we continue to have their children, so they can feel real macho! If you don't want to have sex with your husband he'll say, "You're making a fool out of me" or "You must have another man." Many of us have lived through this, experiencing maternity as a burden and not as a freely made decision that makes us happy. We want the constitution to protect a woman's right to have the children she wants and not to have the children she doesn't want. 
  •  Speaker: It's not just the opinion of four or five women, but an opinion supported by thousands of women. We all agree that abortion should be legalized. We all believe in the dignity of women. We have to face this and make the right-wing parties realize that this is the opinion of the vast majority of women. We don't want to be discriminated against and this isn't just the opinion of 4 or 5 women who have bravely stepped forward to speak out against discrimination. 
  •  Speaker: I don't agree on the law to legalize abortion because as it is, the hospitals are full of irresponsible women and men who are getting abortions. If it's like that while it is prohibited, what would happen if it were legalized? There would be even more irresponsibility. It could lead to prostitution since having a child would no longer be a worry. I don't agree with this. We had a revolution here so we could create new men and women, and it's true, you can't just blame the women. We can't let men walk all over us. They must respect our dignity. I'm against legal abortion because I think it will cause more men and women to be irresponsible. 
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Title:Cabildos Constitucionales: Cabildo de Mujeres
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Alternative Title:Constitucion: Derecho del Pueblo Reinvindicacion de la Mujer
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